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Cot Bobbles Blanket – Eco-Cotton

These pure eco-cotton blankets are hand-knitted in a selection of nature’s colours with Persian bobbles. The yarns are all produced by South African farmers, locally spun and dyed in small dye lots. Colour variations available.

Dimensions:  60 x 80 cm


Colour Options
Watershed Vanilla +
Seashell Multicolour Bobbles +
Persian Vanilla +
Mist Vanilla +
Mist Multicolour Bobbles +
Mist Cobblestone +
Mist Blush +
Gold Vanilla +
Cobblestone Vanilla +
Blush Vanilla +
Personalisation options
You have the FREE option of adding a woven cotton tag with your hand-written custom message and signed by the maker of your blanket.
Example tag +
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Cot Bobbles Blanket Eco Cotton


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